Dry Eye & Ocular Allergies

Posted on February 22, 2016

Did you know that Dry Eye and Ocular Allergies go hand in hand? At Miami Eye Institute we offer a quick and painless diagnostic allergy testing, allowing to tailor your therapy. Have you been using over-the-counter therapy only to find your symptoms getting worse? Often, ocular allergies is the undetected culprit that worsens symptoms of dry eye. An in-office allergy test is [...]

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Update on laser-assisted cataract surgery.

Posted on July 22, 2015

Welcome to Miami Eye Institute where we offer state of the art laser-assisted cataract removal. Many patients who come to us, are still confused about what cataracts are and how they can be removed safely. Many patients are unaware that a cataract is a natural crystalline lens that looses its clarity over time and therefore by reducing amount of light getting into [...]

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Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery

Posted on September 11, 2013

Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery is here! State of the art, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery is changing the way cataract surgery is done. It offers unparalleled precision and allows the surgery to be customized like never before. Dr. Inna Ozerov is one of the few surgeons in the country who is trained in the use of the FDA-approved Alcon LenSx® Femtosecond laser to [...]

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